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Closest to innocence :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 5 0
The Boy Who
I'm in love with the boy
who's scared of nothing
aside from the pain I
could possibly feel
The boy who
gets upset when a lady is
treated unfairly, no matter
if he knows the girl
The boy who talks
with God, and me,
and shares his morally sound
Who feels unthreatened
by many dangers in the world
as he knows he's got God,
and maybe a gun,
on his side
      those protections for the ones he loves
The boy who takes risks,
but remembers me, always
to remain safe and keep care,
'cause he feels he ain't got just himself
to uphold anymore
He who never fades the smile
with his friendly gaze;
a boy nothing short of perfectly happy
and content with the life he's living
And who never has to fear loving
because he's never fallen short of doing so,
So, in return, he has and will be loved, too.
I'm in love with the boy who
:iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 0
City Girl's Longing
Small town
Pretty town
an unfamiliar kind of place
Where people are personable
waving hello and giving you show
of how life is not a race
Small town
Green town
the nature of grass and trees
Where simple acts aren't minded
by neighbors and friends
because most do to please
Small town
Happy town
of fun and lively games
Where love is most heard of
and adrenaline rushes
between those who know each other's names
Small town
Small town
with big ol' families
Where there are open hearts
and open doors
as the welcome always accompanies
:iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 0
The farm dump :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 0 Minnesota sunset sky :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 2 The Abnormal Minnesota Winter :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 0 The White Out :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 0 Knife making :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 0 Country's kiss :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 0
Glorifying Actions
I am golden, like the walkway to heaven,
a path I yearn to take.
Yet, I feel far from heavenly.
I am content, like a child's mind
fixated on the window pane's rain drops,
beyond it the free and colorful world of
a face much like heaven.
Why do we imagine this place so often?
Its beauty so wondrous and warmth unestimated.
Welcoming me and all who surround me
to join and live forever in more of a peace
than already known to man.
Inexplicable, incredible place of love;
A feeling I believe I finally know truthfully,
fully, joyously.
Take me home, Dear Lord, bring me
to arms once I have lived a full life
and finished my helpful deeds.
        I welcome you into my heart,
I know I am welcomed into yours.
My path follows only what I believe to be true
        and faithfully generous.
:iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 0
Kylie2 :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 3 0 Kylie :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 2 2 The trick to my smile :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 0
After all that's gone away
These words, they burn me like the sickest ice
your satire, your sabotage,
I can barely swallow the sweet scum
of something so sadly sadistic
And there were promises thrown about
and that's why I ache
with more than a fire I can swim in,
more than I'd bargained to drown in
in the end
Yet, there has never been a flood so true
Stinging and biting and singing
the lullaby of sorrow
that breaks my heart so
Because when your eyes stopped
streaming the love I used to recognize
I knew no other burn could be so harsh
and I tried to forgive
the lies, the lost, the nothing, you
but there is not anything worse
than whispering seductive words
and then turning around
to bid them all a washed up bundle
of fake
:iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 1 3
The golfing type :iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 3
Sound of life
I can hear it
the trees as they are whistled through
the leaves as they brush against the wind
and the feather like touch of a soft hand against my own
I hear it, oh, do I hear the slightest handshake
between old friends as they meet again
A smile of pearly whites sitting happily between my lips
as I keep that half glass full outlook on life,
keeping in mind that the good should be taken as if it's as good as it's gonna get
and letting the laughter fill the cave of my chest
because nothing is better than the feeling
of it spilling out into the air and into the ears
of family and strangers
and people that will laugh alongside you
Yes, I do hear the slaps of the knees, the jokes over three cups of tea
and the pats on the backs from good ol' neighbors
I hear the dancing music with a bunch of people hanging out
the relaxing music with those who are resting after a long hard day of work
and they, too, are thinking, Damn, what a life to enjoy
as the beer rolls on down their throats,
:iconxxraingirlxx:XxraingirlxX 0 0


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I don't think it's their fault that they're ignorant but it still peeves me to no end.

Every time someone talks about suicide and the selfishness in it, they always take it too far and state, "those people don't ever think about how people would feel after it's all said and done, all they think about is themselves."

I don't disagree that it's a selfish thing to do, but they DO think about all of the people they're going to's the most overwhelming feeling...that's why people who are suicidal 9/10 times don't go through with it, but sometimes their pain becomes so much that their mind becomes so muddled and they believe the pain overrides the people. That doesn't mean they didn't consider over a million times the people in their lives...they definitely stopped to think about it. More than anyone can imagine. We just have to pray that they never get to that high point of selfishness...pray that they get better before they are too far gone. time someone who has never tried to kill themselves, thought about it, felt like it or ANYTHING, tries to tell me how those people think? Get out and listen to those of us who actually have been through it >_<


XxraingirlxX's Profile Picture
Emily Elaine McClaine
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello! My name is Kylie from Kansas, and I'm 18 years old :)
"There is a place I once knew, cold and frightening and bitterly blue, If you should find yourself there, too, I'll hold your hand and walk with you."

Someone once described me as, "classy, sophisticated chaos."
I'm not sure how well this description fits but it sounds damn awesome and makes me feel spectacular.

I enjoy drinking coffee (and tea!), dancing in the rain, watching and listening to thunderstorms, learning, reading, writing, singing and, of course, listening to music.

I also really love that intriguing thing we call life and all of the close people who surround me in it.

I'm very serious when I need to be, but generally pretty down-to-earth (as others have told me). I've got the natural "mom" qualities.

A lot of the things I think about are quite quixotic. However, I'm very accepting of the wonderful, imperfect world we live in.

Nature is very important to me; I am kind of a spiritual person but I keep to myself :)

I have a special appreciation for the arts. However, I am studying Business in university (either going the entrepreneurial route, sticking to management, or becoming a forensics accountant for the FBI), but I do love writing pretty much any type of literature there is to write. I am already published in two separate poetry collections, one of them named Acclaimed, with my poem Your Place, and the other in Stars In Our Hearts, with my poem Runaway.
As a hobbyist, I draw but generally only when I feel like it or when there is free time (which is rare).

Someday I hope to open my own coffee shop.

I fall in love very easily, with more than just people, because I'm such a loving person :3 Compassion is my nature ♥
And speaking of nature: nature is everything. Without the biological phenomenon and greatness of our Earth, where would we be today? Time, my friends, would be nonexistent because there would be no one to keep track of it.

Someday, I hope to find that something every person searches for in life, to give more than just meaning to a world so inexplicable.
If I don't find it, I'm perfectly content with the life I will live.

Favourite genre of music: I like all kinds of music, no specific genre, and I'm really scattered throughout.
Personal Quote: What matters is not where you came from or how you were given life, but how you live it.


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